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I GAVE my Viper ACR to my Nephew Cleetus & Crew, Flew a Plane & Picked up a Hitch Hiker! RMRW Day 2

“Want a chance to get free Chillin’ With Chet gear? ►

After our first day of racing in Great Bend, Kansas we hit the open roads with Cleetus & Crew for our next race in Pueblo, Colorado!

We flew a plane and picked up a pot smoking granny along the way! What will we get into next? Haha

Follow along our Rocky Mountain Race Week adventure as we hit the road to from Gilbert, Arizona to Great Bend, Kansas for a week long adventure filled with high horsepower drag racing and unforgettable moments!

What is Rocky Mountain Race Week?

Rocky Mountain Race Week is a week long drag racing event at 4 different race tracks across the Midwest. It’s pushed both the driver and their drag vehicle to the ultimate test midwest United States consisting 1,000+ miles of driving and racing! Drivers are required to drive their vehicles to the next event without the use of a support or chase vehicle. This means the drivers must transport all support items such as like parts, tools, fuel, and gear inside or towed behind their vehicle.

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