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The Final Search for Donald Walters / Episode #4

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We formed a search party and returned to Oklahoma to do one last search for Donald Walters. The area of question was in Hoffman Bottoms just North of the bridge in location that the original search & rescue team could not access due to the heavily flooded conditions.

I know allot of you have probably already seen the 1320 video from a year ago when the older gentlemen from Great Bend, Kansas showed up to the drag strip for Rocky Mountain Race Week in his brand new $200k electric Porsche Taycan Turbo S and challenged Cleetus to drag race… He was a very interesting person talking about how he was a 5 star general and he had his Taycan modified to 1200hp and he used to be a gov Spy! Well, I ended up racing him in my GT2Rs which was one of the wildest races i have ever been in. Tragically 10 days later he went missing…His vehicle and belongings were found abandoned 6 hours away just outside of Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Donald Lee Walter was never found and is still an active missing person till this day…So, I decided to find out what happened and retraced his last steps.


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