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What Happened to Cleetus McFarlands Dale Jacket?

Story time with Uncle Chet…I’ll explain the “true story” behind the “Dale Jacket” and Nick the Savage then I ramble on about ZzzDrew, Garza, and JH Diesel. Warning everything and nothing I say is true or false. It’s all based in reality and whatever comes out of my mouth in that second. So, sit back and enjoy…or not, I don’t care…its your time just don’t waste mine.

Rule 1: Don’t believe anything I say ever
Rule 2: If I say “true story” then its never a lie
Rule 3: Unless I say “True Story” and I’m in super Bullsh!t mode, then revert back to rule number one

For real this is just me practicing with my equipment and having a good straight face laugh at my friends expense.

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