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Episode List

Will These 10 PT CRUISERS Survive Nitro Rally Cross?!

Uncle Chet goes to SEMA!! Massive Burnouts, Crazy EV Builds & More

Danger Ranger with Uncle Chet & Friends! Can JH Diesel Redeem Himself?!

*UPDATE* Driving My Tesla Model S Plaid Underwater — Error Codes? Does it Drive?

We Road Rally the Tesla Plaid Submarine Across Arizona! Can we make it

The EPA Wants to Shut Us Down!!

We Didn’t Quite Make it! Rocky Mountain Race Week 2.0 Day 3 & 4

Day Two of Rocky Mountain Raceweek | Unlocking Chill Mode

Drifting the Tesla Model S Plaid & Z06!

The FIRST Tesla to Take on Rocky Mountain Raceweek 2.0! | Day 1 at Thunderhill Valley Raceway

I Unlocked the FULL POWER of my TESLA Model S Plaid!

Driving my Tesla Model S Plaid Underwater!! Does it float, sink or drive 7ft under!?

What is Uncle Chet up to?! Flamethrower, Z06, Scuba Gear, Truck Pull, Tesla Plaid Stunt???

I Bought a DIESEL Generator to Charge my TESLA?! | Charging the Plaid for Raceweek 2.0!

Tesla Model S Plaid vs Porsche Taycan

Tesla Submarine 2.0

We RACED the Toterhomes!!! Peterbilt Vs Freightliner! RMRW Final Day! PART 2

Climb Aboard the Chet Train!! Tour of Uncle Chet’s Toterhome!

Uncle Chet goes Plaid with friends in his Tesla Model S Cheetah Mode!!

Uncle Chet Bought The World’s Quickest Production Car!? Tesla Model S Plaid 1000+ HP!

Uncle Chet Surprises the SXSBLOG Guys with Two New Race Cars!

Can Uncle Chet get Cleetus to name the bar at the Freedom Factory “Uncle Chets”!?

I GAVE my Viper ACR to my Nephew Cleetus & Crew, Flew a Plane & Picked up a Hitch Hiker! RMRW Day 2

Stripped the SVR Interior for the WIN?! RMRW Final Day! PART 1

Uncle Chet’s Strange Rover SVR Vs Stapleton’s Turbo GMC Yukon! Rocky Mountain Race Week Race Day 3!

Rocky Mountain Race Week with Uncle Chet Begins!! We’ve Arrived!

The Safety Crew CRASHED My Car?! – Nitro Rallycross PT Bruiser Race!


Buying and Racing the Cheapest Trucks & SUVs Money Can Buy!! – Nitro Rallycross